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The Paleo diet, or otherwise known as, the Caveman diet.   Without getting into all the history and anthropological discoveries, lets just say this is a healthy diet.   Basically what was found was,  “Cavemen/women” from the paleolithic era were quite healthy and no disease was found in their remains.  It was determined it was their diet.

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The paleo diet is for health not necessarily for losing weight. Although, if you are interested in weitghtloss then the paleo diet can help, you will just have to eliminate a few of the foods like sweet potatoes and reduce your portions a bit. Similar to the Atkins diet but not the same, cavemen did not eat pork rinds.

If you like beef, chicken, pork, and fish then this is the diet for you. One of the basic changes you make in the paleo diet is that all your meat, poultry, and pork must be free range, grass fed. You can also use more "Game" meats such as buffalo, elk, etc.

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The reason I switched to the paleo diet was preventative maintenance on my body, I want to have a healthy heart into my older age. The immediate benefit my wife and I are experiencing is the increase in energy. And, the dishes are delicious.

It is easy to lose weight on the paleo diet because you are eating all the foods you love and need it is just you are buying better quality and making small changes in the preparation of these foods. Even if you have a dinner party people who are not on the diet will not even know they are eating diet food.

How does a bacon stir-fry breakfast sound. That's right real bacon and real eggs. How about New England Chuck roast, or Meatloaf, or even a hearty Beef Stew. You can have it all, you just make a few easy changes in the food you buy and enjoy

I could go on and on about this diet but let me just say It is a Great investment for the health and well being of you and your family.

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